Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Goals

This past week was my first full week at school since mid January.


I haven't worked a full five days in over a month.

Between Snowpocalypse I & II, a field trip with my wonderful Scholar's Bowl team, President's Day, and an In-Service day, I have not seen five days at school in a row in a while.

This week just about did me in.  The kids were great, the environment was great, but I was still exhausted by the end of it - it felt like it lasted forever.

This first day of March was wonderful - catching up with a sweet sister in law and her kids this morning, then the rest of the day getting the apartment back to a reasonable living condition and doing laundry.  I really don't like having laundry stretch out over multiple days, so when I'm able to get it done in one day that's a huge gift.  

I was able to get five more research papers graded as well.  When I take up almost 50 research packets, the prospect of getting them all graded can be daunting.  I broke the process down to daily goals: five packets a day, and I'm done in under two weeks. 

Having small, daily goals has really helped me at school recently so it's a method that I've started to apply outside of work as well.  If I can look over the month, week, and day and see what needs / I would like to be accomplished in that time frame, it makes it much more manageable!  

I've borrowed this concept from Nancy Ray, a photographer and wife in North Carolina.  I first heard Nancy and her husband Will do their debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey show about a year ago. 

If you know John and I, you know that we are big Dave Ramsey fans and try to live out those principles in our own personal finances and living.  It's awesome when we find people living out this same dream.   

Since then, I've followed both their blogs as personal inspiration as John and I continue on our path. Listing monthly goals helps in all areas of life, finances included.  

March Goals
  • Finish reading Radical by David Platt**
  • Begin reading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien**
  • Stay within budget (hooray for staying under *barely* in February!)
  • Actively photograph trip to NYC with Dad (!!)
  • Sign up for the teacher Relay for Life team!
  • Make progress on cross stitch stocking
  • Practice calligraphy
  • Finish one painting
Weekly Goals
  • Walk / elliptical three days a week
  • Strength training one day a week
  • Limit dessert intake to twice a week (ugh.  this one is going to be a doozy for me)
  • Balance budget
  • Plan meals and shop by a list (Aldi / Target)
Daily Goals
  • Give the Lord my upmost - be more focused during my devotion time
  • Drink 3 water bottles per day
  • Only one cup of coffee at work
  • Pack a balanced lunch in the mornings
  • Get 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Journal - even if briefly

I'll report back at the end of the month to let you know how all of these went! 

**If you are interested in seeing my reading plan for 2014, check out my Bookshelf page at the top! 

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